What is your biggest problem?

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This is an English version of our evangelistic book. 

A simple and clear exposition of the tuth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


What if someone who is very important, rich and powerful would knock at your door without letting you know beforehand he was coming. He would call you by name. Just like the genie in the lamp from Aladdin, he would tell you:  “You must have many problems like everybody else. I want to help you solve at least one of them. There are no limits of cost or possibilities, but it must be one thing only.” 

The answer to this question could undoubtedly change your life forever, or not. It all depends on what you would ask for. 

This book encourages us to spend time in crucial reflection. We tend to look for fulfillment in stuff and people. Even so, somewhere in a hidden part of our being, there is a deep feeling that something is missing. We are never sure of what it is. It is hard to find the words to define this longing. We grope around looking for something that will hopefully bring meaning to our existence. There comes a time when we can’t run away from the fact: life should consist of more than this. 


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